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During the Hellenistic and Roman periods, much of the Greek and non-Greek astronomers working in the Greek tradition studied at the Musaeum and the Library of Alexandria in Ptolemaic Egypt.

The development of astronomy by the Greek and Hellenistic astronomers is considered by historians to be a major phase in the history of astronomy.

If, then, a reliable historical record exists that mentions that event, then modern investigators can calculate when it occurred, with reference to whatever epoch one wishes to use, and with reference to modern historical records.

Astronomical dating works by synchronizing one type of historical record with another.

Any record that sets a date is a good candidate for such synchronization.

The following types of records use dates of one sort or another: Nor is this an exhaustive list.

Astronomical chronology, or astronomical dating, is a technical method of dating events or artifacts that are associated with astronomical phenomena.

This phase of Greek astronomy is also known as Hellenistic astronomy, while the pre-Hellenistic phase is known as Classical Greek astronomy.

If one can predict the movement of any object, then one can back-track that object.

Better yet, one can determine within a very narrow tolerance where a given object was in the sky, and how long ago a spectacular coincidence event (such as an eclipse of the sun or moon) occurred.

The random wind and water currents that affect the movement of objects on the earth are absent in outer space.

Even the solar wind is not powerful enough to affect materially the movements of the largest observable objects.

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