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"It's about surrounding yourself with good people and checking your egos at the door," he said.The serial entrepreneur's advice to young people in business is to never assume that they've mastered everything and to be open to advice."I think when you're climbing that mountain and you're trying to achieve something that's extraordinary, your life is going to be out of balance because you need to be willing to do what other people are not willing to do," he said.After winning the first season of NBC's "The Apprentice," Rancic oversaw the construction of the Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago for the Trump Organization.While she was still young, Giuliana and her family moved to Bethesda, Maryland where the family owns a high-end men’s clothing story.

Rancic met his wife when she interviewed him after he won "The Apprentice." She was a co-anchor for E! Their life together has been on display through their Style Network reality show "Giuliana & Bill." Despite the Rancics' highly produced life, glitz and glamour aren't the things that matter to "The Apprentice" winner, especially in the boardroom."That's where a lot of small business owners get in trouble. "Those people usually stunt their growth." Although it's important to listen to constructive criticism, entrepreneurs should shrug off the people that ridicule them, he said."Often times people are going to tell you, you can't do it or they're going to laugh at it and that stifles innovation.He also gave us the most valuable advice he took away from his time with Trump.The hot and skinny Italian American television personality and journalist, Giuliana De Pandi Rancic is eminent for her anchoring abilities thrown to light through E! Many people may recognize Giuliana as a host in many pageants and many may have also seen her take charge of the red carpet at almost all awards shows for her network.

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