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Four digits Chip-and-pin cards require people to enter a four-digit number into a terminal at the point of sale, rather than relying on a signature which can be forged to authorise a purchase.

The new cards were first tested in Northampton in 2003, although that was ten years after they had been successfully introduced in France.

Helen Fraser, the chief executive of the Girls' Day School Trust, of which both Wimbledon and Oxford High School are a part, has previously explained that they try to teach failure so that the pupils understand that "being perfect is the enemy of learning".

"We need to ensure that their education helps them to become resilient, to encourage them to not be afraid to take risks and to be confident,” she said.

Parents who “hover” over their offspring, filling every moment with extra lessons and after-school clubs, are creating too much pressure and should take a step back when they reach adolescence, the Good Schools Guide claimed.

“If we drive our children to define themselves only by success, how will they deal with the inevitable setbacks that come with adulthood? “Are we creating a generation who won’t have a go at something new for fear of failing?

Let’s face it; your time is too precious to waste standing around a printer for hours on end.

So from operation to support software tools, you’re in total control with this easy-to-use, multi-function device.

Ideal if you’re sharing notes from an important meeting.Most categories of fraudulent card use dropped, except for transactions over the phone, internet or by mail.Chip-and-pin cards were introduced in 2004, with their use becoming required in shops from February this year.The PIE: And does Blyth Education do the programming?CH: Yes, we do it all, we hire and recruit teachers and these are Canadian high school teachers that are located and teach in high schools across the country.

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