Dating rules during 1st year sobriety

But what are the unique aspects of dating a sober alcoholic?

For a person who determines they are an alcoholic and must remain abstinent from alcohol going forward, establishing relationships with others can be difficult initially.

Previous to having been sober, it’s readily assumed that people had lost themselves to their addiction.

The process of recovery not only involves becoming sober, but learning to like oneself and appreciate life again.

For those with severe alcohol problems, the connection between the individual and alcohol can be considered a relationship.

A destructive, toxic, and abusive relationship, but a relationship nonetheless.

Building and maintaining romantic relationships are hard for everyone, including sober people.

However, the subject of dating when someone is in the early stages of sobriety is a controversial issue.

However, like all clichés, they stem from a common truth.

While there are a lot of benefits to dating those in recovery, it can also lead to risky situations.

There are often times in which one partner relapses and the other follows, although this isn’t a guarantee.

If you decide that you want to date non-recovering people, it’s best to have some clean time under your belt and be solid in your recovery, as this can lead to tempting situations.

You should also always be upfront about your recovery.

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