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I really love the experience of stepping out of the airplane and exploring a new city I have never been to. Nevertheless, I am aware of its negative side effects.

I love traveling so much that I spent more than 360 days on the road.

Miss Travel functions like any other dating site, in that users create profiles and message back and forth before arranging to meet if they hit it off—but rather than having your first date at a local dive bar, you have it at an all-inclusive resort in Bora Bora.

In theory, it's a site for people with a disposable income who love to travel and want to add a date into the mix. And maybe sex because someone else paid to whisk you away.

In case you can identify with what I just said, the following 11 dating ideas will save your life…and might lead to your next relationship. Then start your date with the suggestion to share your craziest travel adventures. That’s why I made it up, tested it on a date and came to the conclusion that it is absolutely awesome. You start your date in a café, just like normal people.

I couldn't believe she would take that kind of chance, and yet, she was so excited retelling the story. The most interesting thing done lately is see my boyfriend's grandmother perform in a local opera.

Miss Travel gives you the option to offer a free trip to someone or find someone to pay for your trip (though there are a number of lonely souls offering to go halfsies, so it does, to some degree, serve people who might just want to go somewhere with another corporeal form). Surprisingly or not, the bulk of the clientele is women—the breakdown, according to Miss Travel, is 70% female and 30% male.

(This might be intentional, as the brand splashes "females are FREE!

In my previous life as a player in Mexico, I used to make fake promises about wanting to date someone for real when I was only after a one-week stand.

Traveling changed me since now I’m just straightforward with what I want and what I can promise.

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Reality sunk in—was I really about to jet off with someone I barely knew? Sharing a living space is also a preview of what's to come, and that kind of 24/7 togetherness makes it clear quickly if you're compatible or not.

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