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“We do not know the extent of this situation.” Aside from the bad press, another potentially insurmountable hurdle for getting the show back on the air this summer is the fact that the cast has been effectively disbanded.

When you hear a wait staff sing to a child with a birthday cake, it's because that restaurant paid up to ,000 for licensing.Anyone who follows Plies on any of his social media accounts knows he thrives in all sorts of ghetto debauchery but there was one tweet he posted that came a little too soon after the latest breakup for Breezy’s liking.“If U Tell A Female Business Just When U Get Mad U A F**k N*gga….,” he coldly tweeted.After airing out Karrauche for supposedly going out on dates with Drake and assisting him in threesomes, he’s since apologized in hopes of rekindling the flame.But that doesn’t mean he’s going to allow any slander into his zone and he snapped at Plies for an errant tweet he felt was aimed at him.

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