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One look at a Rickenbacker really catches your eye, doesn’t it?However, not many people know much about Rickenbacker basses, despite how important they have been to the bass market.Adolf invested in the original National (Dobro) guitar company during the late 1920s and began supplying them with metal bodies for their Dobros.In the early 1930s, Rickenbacker and National employees George Beauchamp and Paul Barth formed a new company, called Ro-Pat-In, to begin developing Beauchamp’s electric guitar design—a design that National was not interested in.If you can confirm or deny these dates please The basses in this series have the following features, unless otherwise noted, neck through construction, cresting wave headstock, cresting wave body, finished Padouk fingerboard, 33-1/2" scale, 20 frets, Schaller Deluxe BM machine heads, combination tailpiece/bridge assembly with string mutes.This bass is the first bass model that Rickenbacker produced.

1975 - Schaller BMC chrome open back machine heads replaced Grover sealed back machine heads 1984 - Model 4000 removed from price sheets 1987(1985? - Discontinued This is the deluxe two-pickup version of the 4000 model.For this reason, the interested reader is advised to check with Rickenbacker International Corporation regarding the current corporate policy or the availability and production of specific instruments.Question: I'm sure by now, you've all seen the "specifics" about the soon-to-be-released Carl Wilson Signature model, either at the Beach Boy site or the RIC Registration Page.Original Features: Single pickup, chrome 1 volume and 1 tone control, mono output, unbound body, dot inlay, clear plastic pickguard with gold back painting, cresting wave headstock, unbound rosewood fingerboard, 8 dot inlays, clear plastic finger rest, Schaller BM nickel machine heads.Originally available only in Mapleglo and older style Fireglo (2 tone brown sunburst) finishes.

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