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The draft has caused a great deal of comment within China and those concerned about the treatment of fellow human beings in criminal detention in China should read these articles: The MPS is drafting the Detention Center Law, but the entire legal world is opposed 10 years of calls for separating detention from criminal investigation Professor Chen Ruihua, defects of the detention system and how it should be reformed Professor Chen Ruihua–the detention centers should be transferred to the justice authorities China’s distraught buy online counseling packages, but does China’s consumer protection legislation protect them if there are no standards for counseling?

China’s Good Samaritan case Peng Yu back in the news- a backgrounder plus-retired SPC judge Cai Xiaoxue criticizes as does former judge & Peking U Professor Fu Yulin.

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I am a widow wit 14 yrs old son, am seeking an honest, sincere and humorously man I am homely and simple person At d moment I am not working and living in my own house Hoping to met my above criteria in a man.The first father’s day after being transferred to the Supervision Commission Does “remote working” in China mean the place of employment has changed?The Matchrule has six fields, all of which may be blank.The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) has recently issued its draft Detention Center Law for public comments (link to Chinalawtranslate.com’s translation.If you don't have her phone # you shouldn't be sending her sex chats on Facebook or anywhere else for that matter.

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