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, the 18-year-old has addressed wild claims Terri Irwin is secretly dating Aussie actor Russell Crowe.Setting the record straight for once and for all, the Wildlife Warrior explained that despite the romance rumours surrounding the pair, Rusty is just a good family friend."There's lots of crazy rumours. For sure,"The star went on to reveal Terri is still too connected to her late husband, Steve Irwin. And I think that no matter what, mum always says that they'll always be married," she told the panel.You’re amazing.” Dancing With The Stars tends to put a strain on the majority of the contestant’s relationships.The grueling rehearsal schedules combined with the required on-stage flirting with pro dance partners could drive anyone’s significant other crazy.Snatched is a great movie to see with your mum if your mum likes sex jokes and Schumer. “You know we do love Russell , but mum and Russell aren’t actually in love ! "You know we do love Russell, but Mum and Russell aren't actually in love!Bindi Irwin can only laugh at the rumors that her mom Terri is dating actor Russell Crowe . ""Russell is a wonderful wildlife warrior," Bindi added. For sure."Bindi – who has found her own love with wakeboarder Chandler Powell – went on to say that she believes her mum will always be "married" to Bindi and Robert's dad, the late Steve Irwin.In spite of the fact that Bindi and Luke seem to spend a lot of time together, people who are close to them say that the thought of them dating is ridiculous and that they are just good friends.One source suggested that Luke was more like an older brother to Bindi and that he is very protective of her and keeps a close eye on her for her mother.

Bindi was just a little girl when her father died, but her mother Terri has always kept a close eye on her and as a result, Bindi always seemed very mature and level-headed for her age.

Russell Crowe and Terri Irwin during 2007 Australia Week Gala in Los Angeles, California. "I think that no matter what, Mum always says that they'll always be married," the 18-year-old continued. The report stated that Crowe helped Terri and Bindi get agent meetings so their break in show business could take off.

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Bindi celebrated her birthday party with friends and family at the zoo, but in the midst of the celebration, rumors that she is dating an older man have started swirling.

The rumors suggest that Bindi is dating a 24-year-old man named Luke Reavley.

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